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Luise (aka Der Fuchs)

Kinofilm, Buch: Sebastian Bleyl, in Zs.arbeit mit M.Luthardt, Produktion: Oliver Damian, 27 films / Philippe Avril, Les films de l´étranger / BR-Arte 2022

Cast: Luise Aschenbrenner, Christa Théret, Leonard Kunz and Aleksandar Jovanovic.

Late summer in 1918. In German Alsace, near the French border, the young farmer Luise runs a remote farm. When Hélène, a Frenchwoman, and Hermann, a German deserter hide in her house, her life gets out of control.

The Homestory

The Homestory

Fiction, Screenplay: Constantin Lieb and Matthias Luthardt

While working on a homestory about legendary film director Fritz Lang and screenwriter Thea von Harbou, the glamor couple of the Weimar Republic, a young journalist gets caught up in a personal two-front war between the two film stars, in which the political zeitgeist deeply affects his private life.

Baby alone

Baby alone

Drama series,  8 episodes, Screenplay: Judith Angerbauer and Matthias Luthardt, Production: Akzente Film

Multi-perspective TV-series about the turbulent journey of a teenage girl through the world of classical music.

A drama-series about first love – in major and minor. About tone colors, megalomania and the abuse of power.