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Born on the Dutch North Sea coast. As the child of a North German mother and a Thuringian father. Growing up in a language that I am no longer able to speak today. In a neighborhood with open doors, liquorice and peanut butter. Still growing up in Swabia and as a teenager in Hamburg south of the river Elbe. Self-chosen isolation with the cello in my own four walls. Amorous sentiments during a trip to France with the youth orchestra. Disenchantment: my talent is not sufficient for cello studies. But I have to go back to France!  Learn a new language. Read and understand Baudelaire. And watch Truffaut films in their original version. In Lyon and Paris I saw German film classics for the first time. Experimented with a video camera. Produced blurred images. Decided to focus on writing instead. Then I study literature and dare to write my first scripts. Writing is re-writing, and co-writing in PINGPONG mode. That’s the title of my graduation film at Potsdam Film School a few years later. A coming-of-age drama that travels with me first to Cannes and then across the world.

Exploring the world, piercing through it, questioning it. Capturing moods, observing closely, making the unsaid perceptible. This is where I see my task as a filmmaker.

You can find my extended filmography on my agency´s website Talent Republic Agency or on IMDB.