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To me, teaching film direction and camera acting means: sharing my experiences and observations of the last 20 years with people who are willing to learn. Giving them tools and creative support. Inspiring them for teamwork and encouraging them to make their own voice heard.

In one of my workshops, in Tanzania, I launched the award-winning film debut “White Shadow”  by Noaz Deshe (which I co-produced). The film was shot in a small team together with workshop participants as “training on the job”.

My teaching experience includes Directing courses at Met Film School in Berlin (in English language), workshops and film projects on the African continent (a.o., on behalf of Tom Tykwer and his company One Fine Day Films in Kenya) as well as film workshops for young students on behalf of the Akademie der Künste (Academy of Arts) in Berlin:

Met Film School (Berlin)

Since 2015

  • Visual Storytelling, Directing Actors, Auditioning, blocking and staging etc. (in English language). ->

Akademie der Künste Berlin


  • Shortfilm workshop (5 days) for Norwegian exchange students in Berlin
    („Benjamin and Brecht – thinking in extremes“)


  • Shortfilm workshop (5 days) with young students in Bitterfeld-Wolfen („Kunstwelten“)


  • Film workshop (10 days) for students from comprehensive school (Theodor-Heuss-Schule Berlin), together with Sophie Narr and Ralph Etter.
  • Shortfilm workshop (5 days) for young students in Bitterfeld-Wolfen („Wish-Dream-Illusion“).


  • Shortfilm workshop (5 days) for young students in Bitterfeld-Wolfen („Kunstwelten”)



  • Workshop „Camera Acting“, together with Hakan Savas Mican, by invitation of Goethe-Institute in Istanbul / Turkey


  • „On directing“: Film Directing-Workshop at Goethe-Institute Addis Abeba, Ethopia


    Shortfilm-Workshop at Goethe-Institute Dar es Salaam, Tansania


  • Shortfilm-Workshop at Goethe-Institute Abidjan, Ivory Coast

2009 LAGOS

  • Workshop on documentary filmmaking, together with Dr.Jens Wenkel by invitation of Goethe-Institute Lagos, Nigeria („Spirit and Spirituality“)

2008  SKOPJE

  • Workshop on Film Directing at the Faculty of film and theatre, University of Skopje, Macedonia, by invitation of the German Embassy and Goethe-Institute in Skopje

Deutsche Welle Akademie

Juni – Nov. 2011

  • Masterclass Film Directing on behalf of OneFineDayFilms-Workshops in Nairobi/Kenya
  • Supervising Director: script development, shooting and post-production of the Kenian feature film „Something Necessary“ (produced by One Fine Day Films / Ginger Ink / Deutsche Welle Akademie)

Raindance Berlin

  • 2012 Director´s Foundation Course (with Ben v.Grafenstein)
  • 2011 Director´s Foundation Course

Kölner Filmhaus

  • 2011 Guest lecturer at the Writers Lab (Topic: From script to screen)
  • 2009 Intensive short course Film Directing

Filmhaus Köln-Babelsberg

  • 2010 Foundation course Film Directing for Directors of Production

Münchner Filmwerkstatt

  • 2010 Workshop „Camera acting for film directors“

Universität Mainz

  • 2010 Guest lecture on behalf of Dr.Jens Eder: Filmmaking in Africa.

Hochschule für Bildene Künste Hamburg

  •  2009 Guest lecture (with Alexander Sellschopp) on behalf of Prof. Ingo Haeb

German Agency for Technical Cooperation (GTZ) / Great Lakes Film, Uganda

  • 2003 Supervising the production of the feature film „Full of Energy“, produced by Great Lakes Film in Kampala / Uganda:
    Introductory workshop about script analysis and breakdown;  shooting  schedule; supervising  the casting and actor’s rehearsals. Assisting the director during the shooting and the editing.