FICTION | 2023

Director: Matthias Luthardt
Production: 27 Films Production, Les films de l´étranger, Will Production, BR-arte
Screenplay: Sebastian Bleyl, in cooperation with Matthias Luthardt

Based on the novella „The fox“ by D.H.Lawrence
Cast: Luise Aschenbrenner, Christa Theret, Leonard Kunz, Aleksandar Jovanovic
Distributor Germany: Salzgeber Medien

World Sales: Pyramide Sale

Alsace, former German Reich territory, in late summer of 1918. When the young farmer Luise (Luise Aschenbrenner) gives shelter to the Frenchwoman Hélène (Christa Theret) and the German deserter Hermann (Leonard Kunz), she discovers unexpected feelings that give her life a dramatic turn.
Plakat Feature Film Luise


“A stunning, marvelously nuanced chamber drama anchored in David Herbert Lawrence´s pansexual 1921 novella The fox. A true jewl of classical filmmaking at its most restrained and refined!” (Rotterdam Film Festival)

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