Autumn 1929 – Shadows above Babylon

TV Documentary | RBB/WDR 2020

Writer/Director: Matthias Luthardt, based on an idea by Volker Heise
Production: Zero One Film

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Autumn 1929: Berlin becomes more and more the scene of political disputes.

A media mogul allies himself with the Nazis. A chorus girl steals the show from a star. A satirist provokes his country. Alfred Hugenberg, Marlene Dietrich, Kurt Tucholsky. A film about the beginning of the end of the Weimar Republic.

Five actors and actresses from the third season of “Babylon Berlin” bring the quotations of various contemporary witnesses to life: Benno Fürmann, Godehard Giese, Nina Gummich, Fritzi Haberlandt and Sebastian Urzendowsky.

Press review

“an equally informative and entertaining mix of historical film footage (in an astonishing quality) and contemporary quotations”
Tagesspiegel Berlin

“Short, intense, grandiose. Terrifying. That’s all there is to say.”

 “The complex constellation of the critical year 1929 is being condensed in a clever way, historically correct and brilliantly in terms of media technology. Rare original quotes and familiar images are combined – also thanks to the excellent actors – to create a dense mood that authentically and clearly conveys the atmosphere of Berlin in autumn 1929.”

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